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Remo Saraceni: artist, inventor, kinetic sculptor, lighting designer, engineer and pionieer in interactive technology. With over 40 years of experience, has played and continues to be an integral part in the conceptualization, development and creation of many interactive Cultural Exhibits worldwide including North and South America, Europe and Asia. In this gallery a selection of Saraceni's major Artowrks.

For the iconographic Big Piano from the movie "BIG" please visit www.bigpiano.com.
For more information regarding Musical Stairs world project please visit www.musicalstairs.com

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    Antigravity Fountain, Epcot Center – 1980

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    Antigravity Fountain, Epcot Center – 1980

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    Musical Fountain, Papalote Mexico City

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    Interactive Fountain, Epcot Florida

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    Wind Fountain 1971, Springfield Pensilvanya

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    Imagination, EPCOT Florida - 1980

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    Rainbow Tunnel, EPCOT Florida - 1980

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    People Energy - Papalote Mexico City

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    Interactive Light installation

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    Bottle Wall, Sloan Center - New York

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    Big Piano from the movie BIG with Tom Hanks

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    Musical Clouds, Color experience

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    Big Piano FAO Schwarz, New York 2014

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    Outdoor Big Piano, Children Mercy Hospital

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    Outdoor Big Piano, Calgary Stampede

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    Tunnell Arcoiris, Venezuela

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    Musical Stairs, San Francisco 2013

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    Interactive tower

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    Interactive Clock installation,

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    Musical Hands Papalote, Mexico


Check out this selection of my favorite videos. Please visit my youtube channel. I will lift you up.

Exclusive interview with Remo Saraceni in Baden Baden, Germany

Remo Saraceni talk about his last creation for the Music Museum of Baden Baden, Opera House

Autographed Big Piano™ for Chabad's Children of Chernobyl.

Big Piano™ is on the stage at Children at Heart 2014 Celebrity/Fantasy Auction! This one-of-a- kind BIG Piano™ was designed and handcrafted by Remo Saraceni and autographed by the stars and writers of the movie BIG, Tom Hanks, Robert Loggia, Anne Spielberg and Gary Ross, exclusively for Chabad's Children of Chernobyl.

Big Piano Wonderful Story

The Big Piano (Walking Piano) was unveiled in 1982 in Remo Saraceni’s imaginative interactive studio, where state-of-the-art technology fueled limitless artistic creativity and imaginative science, and immediately received national recognition when it was featured, with its inventor, in major newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.


November 24 - Children of Chernobyl

Big Piano is part of Children at Heart Gala Dinner & Celebrity Fantasy Auction on Monday, November 24, 2014 at Chelsea Piers, Pier Sixty!

For more information regarding this event please visit. www.cah.net

Watch the video of the Autographed Big Piano exclusively made for CCOC. Click here

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About Remo Saraceni


The Italian born, world renowned artist, Remo Saraceni, is best known for inventing the Big Piano™ from the movie BIG, starring Tom Hanks. Remo create many interactive exhibitions that connect the imagination of childhood with the technology of the future. (video)


Remo’s credentials include works on display in science and art museums, discovery centers, and children’s hospitals throughout the world. Currently, Remo Saraceni is continuing his fantastic work in connection with well-known cultural establishments and institutions all over the world. (watch video)

Inventions and Awards

Remo Saraceni is the inventor of the OCCUPANCY SENSOR. He was awarded a, U.S. Energy Conservation Award 1987 1988 for a revolutionary concept on lighting efficiency systems


Saraceni Cloud Light is part of the "Twentieth-Century American Design", Whitney Museum Collection. Profiles on Remo’s artwork and personal philosophy have been written about many publications.

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Feel free to contact me -please write to: info_at_bigpiano.com

Remo Saraceni

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